Services & Charges

Charges are per day and for the vehicle, not per person, and for unlimited mileage, once the itinerary is agreed.


You pay directly for hotels, admission charges and meals.

If we start or finish at the airport, greeting and transfer are no extra charge.

Daily charges are now £400 per day, for vehicle and driver.


When I have details of where you wish your tour to go, and where it will start and finish, I will select the best to suit you.


The charge includes all the preliminary work to produce your individual itinerary and making the bookings.

In the case of nights spent away from London, there is an additional charge for
evening expenses but this is kept to a minimum.

You pay directly for your and my accommodation, and your entry fees and meals. There are no other hidden or additional charges or taxes



If you are asked for a 25% deposit, this is payable three months in advance, or on booking if less than 3 months in advance, and is not refundable in the event of cancellation. Cancellation charges can be held by Echo Tango against a future booking by you, less any Echo Tango expenses and time used in preparing an itinerary.

If you are not asked for a deposit, but accept a quotation from Echo Tango either verbally or in writing or by e-mail, you are liable for 25% in the event of cancellation. In the event of cancellation, you will be liable for any cancellation charges incurred by Echo Tango from hotels or travel arrangements booked on your behalf.
Whilst every care is taken in selecting hotels, restaurants and other establishments, and travel arrangements, no liability is accepted by Echo Tango for their actions or failures.

The liability of Echo Tango is limited to acts or omissions caused by its own negligence, and is limited to the sum of the contract only.
Echo Tango vehicles are insured for private hire, but this does not cover your own luggage and possessions. You are advised to have your own travel insurance for yourself and your luggage and possessions.

All payments to Echo Tango are to be in pounds Sterling. This can be in £ notes, cheques or travellers cheques drawn in Sterling, PayPal request in pounds Sterling, or using unless otherwise agreed.
Any acceptance of a quotation by, or booking made with Echo Tango is deemed to be an acceptance of these conditions. 


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